Project Management Services



Agora Partners has vast experience in project management. Its aim is to let consortium
partners focus on the execution & implementation of the project, while Agora Partners
will take care of all administrative, financial and legal issues of the project. Its key
personnel has managed more than 15 EU funded projects from FP4 onwards, including
ELAICH (Euromed Cultural Heritage 4), MACAN (FP7), BEMOSA (FP7), TARGET
(FP7), LITERACY (FP7), SPREE (FP7), FIGARO (FP7),  BioXplore (ENPI  -  CBC)

Project Management activities include assisting the Coordinator in all administrative
and management tasks prior, during and after the project, including implementing
decisions taken by the coordinator; assisting in the organisation of consortium
meetings;  enforcing reporting by consortium members; advising on financial aspects

- eligibility and costs and preparing certification of financial statements procedures to be  used by applicant

and partners. Agora Partners will ensure balance between the industrial and academic interests.

It will also help Coordinators and Partners managing their project effectively and make sure

they are well aware of all relevant EU rules & guidelines. In short,

Agora Partners will enable consortium partners to concentrate on the  execution & implementation

of the project by taking care of all administrative, financial and legal issues

and thus saving time for the other partners.