About Us


About us


Agora Partners is your gateway to the abundance of public funding opportunities
that the European Union (“EU”) provides to academia and industry, public and  private sector.

Agora Partners provides a blend of technical, scientific and industrial qualifications, strong management skills, extensive understanding of international partnerships, in-depth knowledge of European programmes and above all, the skills to present your ideas and interests successfully in a competitive environment.

We have gained specific expertise in initiating, developing, and managing the submission of proposals. Once your grant is awarded, we have proven track record of successfully managing the most complex multi-national projects. We will handle all organizational, administrative, contractual and financial aspects of the projects. 

Agora Partners' extensive network will find the right partners for your project, whether what is needed are research partners, technology partners, end-users or stakeholders.  

Agora Partners provides detailed, customised information and hands-on assistance, allowing project partners to concentrate and devote their precious time to their research, scientific and technical activities. 

Agora Partners' track record is demonstrated by more than €60M generated in funding for Israeli and European organisations. We take great pride in the fact that to date we have led more than 16 successful projects that included more than 150 partners from more than 40 countries. 



Agora is a word with a dual meaning: on one hand, it means coin in Hebrew
(see I Samuel 2:36) and until recently, the coin was in use in modern Israel.
The Israeli agora coin pictures a ship, a symbol of building and maintaining contacts.
The word agora also means market or market place in ancient Greek.
Ancient Greece is the predecessor of modern Europe.
Thus, Agora Partners provides consulting services for Israeli entities to initiate
and build partnerships in the European private and public
market place, assisting our clients to maximize potential benefits of such partnerships.